Hat trick


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gallery/hat_magic_rabbitc copy1



26/01/2019            Carpenters Arms              Boston


02/02/2019            Crowle Liberal Club          Crowle


16/02/2019            The Lumley  230pm         Skegness


02/03/2019            The Eagle Hotel            Mablethorpe


08/03/2019            The Hideaway             Chapel St Leonards


23/03/2019             The Griffin  4pm          Chapel St Leonards


30/03/2019             The Bell                             Burgh Le Marsh


13/04/2019             The Lumley    830pm       Skegness


19/04/2019            Anderby Village Hall 7pm  Anderby


25/04/2019            Black Bull                         Kirton


25/05/2019             The Griffin    4pm          Chapel St Leonards


26/05/2019     Halfmoon (weather permiting) 3pm     Alford


08/06/2019     The Guest House                     Burgh Le Marsh


15/06/2019            Liberal Club                       Crowle  


28/6/2019       Carpenters Arms                  Boston


29/06/2019       The Game Keeper                 Scotter


06/07/2019            The Lumley 230pm          Skegness


13/07/2019             The Eagle                         Mablethorpe


27/07/2019           Anderby Rocks (12:30pm) Anderby


09/08/2019       Irby & Bratoft Village Hall  Irby in the Marsh


17/08/2019           The Griffin      4pm         Chapel St Leonards


24/08/2019     The Welcome Inn 6pm (Cider Fest)   Skegness


25/08/2019    Halfmoon beer garden 2:30pm    Alford


31/08/2019     The Eagle(with County Linx Radio) Mablethorpe


07/09/2019             The Lumley 230pm         Skegness


28/09/2019           The Griffin     4pm           Chapel St Leonards


09/11/2019           The Griffin  4pm               Chapel St Leonards


21/12/2019         The Lumley    2:30 pm    Skegness


31/12/2019             The Bell                              Burgh Le Marsh


18/01/2020          The Lumley 2:30pm              Skegness


14/03/2020          The Lumley 2:30pm              Skegness


04/05/2020          The Lumley 2:30pm              Skegness


13/06/2020          The Lumley  2:30pm             Skegness


31/08/2020          The Lumley 2:30pm              Skegness


10/10/2020          The Lumley  8:30pm            Skegness


19/12/2020          The Lumley 2:30pm             Skegness